If you’re looking for a fun and original way to get your guests into the party mood then why not have an ice luge?

More commonly known as a vodka luge, an ice luge is a channel drilled diagonally through a sculpture from the top to the bottom. A shot can then poured through to arrive in a waiting mouth or glass perfectly chilled. Generally the shots are Vodka or Tequila but fruit juice also works and the children will absolutely love it (the fruit juice that is!).

An ice luge can be added to virtually any ice sculpture at your request, but if we feel it will spoil the overall effect of the sculpture we will add one onto the back of it instead.

Our vodka luge designs vary in price according to their size and complexity – so head on over to our Pricing & Delivery page to find out more.

Want to know more? Find out how luges work >

Ice/VODKA LUGE Gallery

Lady In Basque With Double Luge

Lady In Basque With Double Luge for a 21st Birthday

USA and British flags luge

UK & USA Flag Luge

Baftas 2018

Bafta TV Awards Virgin Media Luge


Initial 'L' & 'H' Ice Luge (Single)

Mexican luge

Mexican Double Luge

Breathe Logo Luge

Breathe Logo With Double Luge

Pistol Luge

Pistol Luge

Ski Jump Luge

Double Ski Jump Luge

Martini glass luge

Martini Glass Luge

Fiesta Number 40

'Fiesta' Number 40 Double Luge

Tennis Racket Luge (1)

Tennis Racquet Luge


Cowboy Boot Luge

Champagne Bottle luge in action

Champagne Bottle Luge ...in action!

1.5m Oscar statue with luge

And the winner is!....1.5m Oscar statue with double luge for the Homeslice Pizza London party

Encore Tickets broadway/New York/Big Apple Vodka Luge

Shark Luge

Shark Luge

Bitcoin Cash ice sculpture luge

Bitcoin Cash Ice Luge

Whale luge

Whale Luge

W Hotel logo (1)

W Logo With Double Ice Luge

iCE lUGE psd iCE aRT

Tongues & Lips Ice Luge

Coya Luge

Coya Logo Luge

bottle luge

Champagne Bottle Luge


Stiletto Luge

Skull luge Halloween

Skull Luge

HARP ice sculpture

Guinness Harp Ice Luge


Matryoshka Doll Luge - With Colour

Shard luge bottle holder

Shard Luge Bottle Holder

Ice Bar luge with bubbles

Icebar London Luge - With Bubbles!

Elephant Head Luge

Elephants Head/Trunk Luge

Cancan legs with knickers at ankles ice luge

Can-Can Legs Ice Luge


Chilli Ice Luge


Female Torso With Double Ice Luge!


007 Snow Filled Ice Luge

Birthday Luge number 25

Birthday Number 25 Ice Luge

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