Ice For Corporate Events

Perfect for engaging your audience, increasing brand awareness & product launches

Ice sculptures offer a unique and memorable addition to corporate events, and since 2005, we’ve creatively utilized them in virtually every conceivable way. As a leading provider in the Southeast, we’ve assisted thousands of companies nationwide in enhancing their events with our bespoke ice creations.

So, what can ice do for you? Let’s delve into the possibilities!



Ice sculptures are a striking and effective way to showcase your company logo and boost brand visibility. Ideal for corporate gatherings, presentations, trade shows, and award ceremonies, they ensure your brand stands out in a memorable fashion.

Imagine incorporating your company logo into a stunning ice sculpture, ice bar, or even a food display. Or perhaps have your product encased directly in ice. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain—it will create maximum impact!

Here’s another idea; have you considered logo cubes? If your company has a simple or easily simplified logo (without impacting on its identity, of course!), just envision it transformed into an impressive logo cube.

Picture this: You hand a drink to your client with the logo cube inside, then step back to watch their reaction. It will be more than just their surprise you’ll see, you will be creating a memorable talking point that will resonate throughout the entire event!


Tabu logo

Event Based Marketing

Did you know you can commission your own ice sculptor for a brand launch, exhibition, conference or party?

A Live Ice Carving is the ultimate in event-based marketing, as it lends itself perfectly to communicating any brand or message. It also provides a unique platform for audience participation and interaction. They are guaranteed to attract, engage and intrigue your audience.

 We have been delivering professional, high quality live ice carving experiences for the world’s leading brands and organisations for many years. We fully understand what it takes to draw people in, engage with them and create a lasting impression.

The carving can take place at any time of day, in almost any location.  From a busy street in London (we’ve been live in Regent Street) to an outdoor event, party or exhibition stand.  We take care of all the necessary arrangements on your behalf, working with your chosen venue or location to ensure that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Teambuilding using ice

Ice carving is fun, creative and rewarding. But did you know that it can also be a unique and intriguing team building experience?

If you are looking to:


Then an ice carving team building event is the perfect solution.

The session begins with a full safety briefing and a live demonstration from one of our talented ice artists. They will show you all the skills and techniques required to turn a simple block of ice into an incredible ice sculpture.

Then it’s over to each team to get hands-on in creating their own sculpture using their communication skills and creative flair.

Our events take place throughout the year and are suitable for any type of team from junior recruits or established teams to senior managers and business leaders.

Download our PDF for more information

The Annual Staff Christmas ‘Do’

Everyone looks forward to the Christmas Party—it’s the perfect time to kick back and have some fun with colleagues.

Adding an ice sculpture with a luge is a fantastic way to ramp up the excitement. Even better, we can include a luge in any ice sculpture without any extra charge for you. Typically, our luges run discreetly along the back of the sculpture, or they can extend out from behind. We’re also happy to drill through the sculpture to add tubing and a funnel, though keep in mind that it might change the overall aesthetic. But hey, the choice is all yours!

Looking for something festive? We’ve got a whole range of festive set pieces you can pick from. And if you’re planning a themed party, we’re more than ready to craft an ice sculpture that perfectly matches your theme.


Customer testimonial

"…The Ice Sculpture Was A Huge Success" The event went really well and the ice sculpture was a huge success. Huge thank you to you and Percy for being so patient on the day after a last minute change of tent. Thanks again for your help, we will definitely be in touch about future projects.
Jagermeister Ice Wall

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