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Payment Terms

1. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

2. A full and final cleared payment must be received two weeks prior to the delivery date.

3. We can accept payments by BACS, debit and credits cards.

4. We do not accept payments by cheque.

5. We do not start any carving until full and final payment has been received.

6. Cancellation charges apply.


Cancellation Charges

50% of order value if cancelled within 2 weeks of the delivery date.

100% of order value if cancelled within 1 week of the delivery date.



1. Deliveries will be 60-90 minutes prior to viewing/guests arriving.

2. We endeavour to make all our deliveries on time. However we do not accept responsibility nor will we pay any compensation for lateness due to circumstances beyond our control.


Ice Sculptures / Luges

1. Any problems relating to a sculpture must be reported to us on 01342 83 53 48 within 3 hours of taking delivery. We cannot accept complaints after this time.

2. The average-sized sculpture weighs approximately 135kg. Therefore they must be placed on a sturdy four-legged table away from direct heat. DO NOT USE TRELLIS, FOLDING OR TABLES WITH ONE CENTRAL SUPPORTING LEG AS THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS. PSD Ice Art or any of its agents cannot accept liability for any injury arising from the misuse of sculptures once delivery has been accepted.

3. Sculptures should not be set up in direct sunlight or close to any other sources of heat as this can cause cracking.

4. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that a container is made available for the collection of melting ice from the drain tray.

5. It is the responsibility of the client to dispose of the sculpture at the end of the event unless otherwise

6. Sculptures should be dismantled no more than 7 hours after set-up unless otherwise advised by us.


Luge Information

1. Luges are designed to be used with alcohol. They can be adapted for use with soft drinks. Please advise at the time of order if it is not going to be used with alcohol.

2. The luge must never be used straight from the freezer. It should be left to warm up for approximately 60-90 minutes to avoid cracking.


General Information

We reserve the right to photograph the sculptures at our studio or ‘in situ’ and post them to our website, social media accounts or use them in promotional materials. If not acceptable please advise us by email.

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