Wedding Ice Sculptures

Your wedding day is one of the most important and precious days of your life, so of course you’ll want everything to be flawless. 

But like all big events there’s a lot to think about and choosing your decor for the reception can be quite challenging given the multitude of themes and ideas that are on offer.

So, what can you do with ice? Let’s explore the options, shall we?


Have you ever considered using ice as an alternative to the usual floral or candle displays?

You don’t have to limit yourself to swans or a bride & groom. For example, you can choose to set your table plan in ice.

Contemporary candle cubes or ice vases containing flowers can be used for table centres. Or if you’re seeking something a little grander perhaps have a larger sculpture as the centrepiece such as a butterfly (always a popular choice!) or Champagne arch. Even grander still, why not adorn the entrance to your venue or reception room with matching vases or lions. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever your idea or theme we can come up with something that will make your celebration even more remarkable and memorable for you and your guests.

If, like many people you are planning your wedding well in advance, it can be easy to forget who you have contacted when it comes to actually place the order. Or, even worse you do go back to them to firm up the order only to find that the prices have risen. 

That’s why we introduced two things that will help.

#1 Price Freeze

If you book early & place a 20% deposit, we promise to freeze the price of your ice sculpture for up to a year in advance of your wedding. The only think you need to do is make sure that the final payment is sent to us two weeks before the big day.



#2 Payment Plan

We also offer a payment plan option which is similar to the above, but you can choose to pay the balance off in instalments to suit you rather than in one big lump. Again, we need to receive the final payment at least two weeks before the big day, but that’s basically it.

Even better if for any reason you decide you need to cancel your order then as long as we are advised more than two weeks before the great event you are guaranteed a full refund of what you have already paid

Simple, yet hopefully helpful!

That’s why we introduced two things that will help.

Customer testimonial

We ordered an ice sculpture of our dachshund/Jack Russell dog (and ring bearer) for our wedding and we were not disappointed! The ice sculpture was very much a feature of the day and a HUGE hit, he had a crowd around him taking pictures all night! One guest even commented "is a wedding even a wedding without a life-size ice sculpture of a dog"! PSD Ice Art were spot on with both the absolutely amazing quality of the ice sculpture, as well as all of the operational side of things, getting there to set up with the perfect timing to ensure the sculpture looked at its best when all the guests arrived. I would absolutely recommend PSD Ice Art for any occasion that you want to impress and delight your guests.
Georgie P

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