Belowzero Ice Bar London. New design 2018 'London Land by PSD Ice Art



Belowzero Ice Bar London. New design 2018 'London Land by PSD Ice Art

Did you know that this year (and for the very first time in history), a British ice company was chosen to design, build and maintain the UK’s only permanent ice bar? 

That company was us – PSD Ice Art – a fact that still makes us smile with pride and provides a realisation that yes, we’ve made it!

The PSD ice team sculpted, chipped and carved a staggering 30 tonnes of ice into a spectacular new ice bar for Belowzero Ice Bar London. The theme – which gets updated each year – has been aptly named ‘LondonLand’ and has been referred to by visitors as ‘beautiful’, ‘unique’ and feeling ‘British’.

The Belowzero Ice bar is located in Heddon Street, just off Regent Street, and attracts 200,000 visitors a year, so we had to make sure that whatever we created was something really impressive to grab people’s attention – as well as something everyone could really enjoy, cherish and feel part of.


Well, this shouldn’t have been a surprise at all! Yes folks, the general public like to sit on ice lions.

They like to swing their leg over and get that all important photo, especially when they’ve had a frozen cocktail (or two) from the ice shot glasses we also make for the ice bar.

The ice sculpture lion we carved wasn’t designed for warm, wiggly bottoms to be perched on it.

Maybe because the actual Landseer Lions in Trafalgar Square (that our lion is modelled on) are so hard to climb, it makes our smaller version irresistible. Of course, we absolutely want every single person who visits the ice bar to have fun. But with the number of visitors it attracts, our poor lion just doesn’t stand a chance, plus it’s not very safe. So next time – and yes, we are very proud to announce we’re designing and building the 2019 bar too – this has provided a valuable lesson for the future on how people interact with ice in a bar setting.


The use of colour is another ‘first’ as it hasn’t been used in a theme at the bar before. It’s added a completely new dimension to the ice and changed the whole style and look of the setting.

As a company we’ve been using colour in our ice sculptures since we started, for example in logo ice sculptures, but for Belowzero Ice Bar this something they were really keen to use and it has totally paid off.


You may be wondering where Boris comes in.

If you’re visiting the Belowzero Ice Bar anytime soon, then we’ll let you in on a little secret that no one knows about.

This is what you need to do. 

Crouch down very low next to the lion ice sculpture in the middle of the bar – it’s got a punky, neon plume you can’t miss it. If you look very, very closely you’ll discover, nestled in the ice, a tiny outline of Boris Johnson on his iconic Boris Bike.

Now, I’m not saying you need to have a Boris Johnson actually in your business (heaven forbid!). But rather, what is needed is a representation of what his cheeky, playful outline in ice means; which is a shared sense of humour with your clients (the team at Belowzero don’t publicise this political feature and they certainly could make news of it) and not always giving every single detail away, keeping a little bit back to share privately in the team. It strengthens your relationship immeasurably, believe me.

Most important of all, it’s about remembering to have fun, surrounding yourself with creative people and making your work memorable.

Like the Boris in the ice, it is that final important flourish, a signature of sorts – a completely original and unique perspective that is engraved in the business that no one else can emulate.

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