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Having a themed event or party is a lovely way of getting your guests involved and to fully participate in the festivities. By adding ice to the equation you will not only make it even more of a fun experience for them but also one that will be etched into their memories for some considerable time!

Whether it is a simple sculpture or full-sized ice bar you can be sure that it will not only add glamour and sparkle to your event but that it will be fully interactive… Why? Because everyone needs to touch it to check that it really is ice!

THEMED EVENTS Ice Sculpture Gallery

Bacardi colour logo double luge

Bacardi Logo Ice Sculpture With Double Luge

Las Vegas Neon Sign Ice Sculpture

Las Vegas Sign Ice Sculpture With Luge

hard rock cafe VINYL ICE SCULPTURE

Hard Rock Cafe 'Vinyl' Ice Sculpture for their Fashion Showcase

bat ice sculpture

Bat Ice Sculpture

Nicky Salazar PSD Ice Art


Mexican luge

Mexican Luge

Bond Girl-Luge

Bond Girl-Luge

Lamborghini with ice bull

Lamborghini With Ice Bull

Cheshire Cat Ice Sculpture

Cheshire Cat

Terrifying Tombstone

Terrifying Tombstone

Mask Luge

Mask Luge


skull ice sculpture with luge

Skull Luge

007 logo James bond theme

James Bond Theme Logo

Princess & The Frog Ice Sculpture PSD Ice Art

Princess & The Frog Ice Sculpture

Pumpkin Ice Sculpture

Halloween Pumpkin Ice Sculpture

Gory Syringe

Gory Syringe Ice Luge

Hotlips Luge

Hotlips Luge

Game of Thrones Ice Sculpture

Game of Thrones Ice Throne

bespoke 007 gun

Bespoke 007 gun Ice Sculpture

Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians

Comedy & Tragedy

Comedy & Tragedy

Club Tropicana


007 Party Ice Sculpture

British Bulldog Luge

British Bulldog Luge

Mad Hatter Ice Sculpture

Fairy Tale Castle Ice Sculpture

Fairy Tale Ice Sculpture

Hard Rock Bar - Kingsman 2 Movie

Hard Rock Bar - Kingsman 2 Movie

Mask Ice Sculpture

Mask Ice Sculpture

Martini glass

Martini glass

Skull Ice Cube Disc

Skull Ice Cube

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