Our standard block size is 1m x 50cm x 25cm.

Depending on the design, the sizes can be increased by half or full blocks after that.

Our ‘Party‘ range, which is only available locally for delivery, is approx. 50cm high. This is an example of a ‘Party’ ice sculpture:

Party Number 30

Next size up is the ‘Fiesta‘ range which is approx 70cm high. This is an example of a ‘Fiesta’ ice sculpture:

Fiesta Number 40 luge (

Then we go up to a full block which is 1m – this is called ‘Carnival‘ in our set range and this is an example:

Carnival number-40

After that we can increase in half-block sizes and go as large as you like!

If you’re looking for larger structures, then we carve the blocks and piece them together like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle. They will be stuck together using water would you believe.

We have created everything from a small set piece to a full-size car and even a complete room made of ice, including the walls.

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