Japanese Ice Balls

Don’t you just hate it when your ice cubes don’t last as long as your drink?

Then allow us to introduce you to the Japanese Ice ball, a sphere of ice used for keeping spirits and short cocktails such as a Whisky Sour, cold for as long as possible.

How? Because they are one large piece of ice with a smaller overall surface area than your standard ice cube. This means that the ball melts more slowly, diluting your drink less and keeping it cooler for longer.

And take it from us once you have tried this wonderful chunk of sculpted ice you’ll never be satisfied with an ordinary ice cube ever again!


Logo & Personalised Ice Cubes

Imagine the setting – you are a mixologist or bar person serving drinks at the bar at a large corporate event or exclusive bar. You drop an ice disc into the glass, wait 30 seconds, then add the rest of the ingredients. You hand the glass to your client then stand back and watch for their reaction….

Logo ice cubes (really more like an ice disc) are quite something! Incorporate a simple company logo or initials/simple design into an ice disc and before you know it you will have created a talking point that will last the entire evening!!


BNY Mellon Logo Ice Cube

They are a simple, stylish and very effective marketing tool which will add maximum impact to any function.

What’s more we’re proud to say that we are probably one of the few if not the only company in the UK to offer this service.

Audi Logo Discs

Audi Logo Ice Cubes

Snowflake ice disc cube

Snowflake Ice Cube


When we say Ice shards we mean proper shard-shaped shards! Not the long, regular tubes of ice currently being produced  on the market. Ours come in different shapes and sizes and are a perfect compliment to a cocktail such as a Smoked Old Fashioned.

Why not try them as an alternative to crushed ice? Like all the ice within the ‘Premium’ range they take much longer to melt so won’t water down the cocktail. Always an advantage by anyone’s standards! 


Extra large bar block

Bar chipping blocks are crystal clear ice blocks designed to sit on the bar top. This is an extra large bar block – we do different sizes to suit.

With the right tools and training you can create your own shards, cubes, rocks, diamonds whatever the drink needs right in front of your customer! Imagine the effect that would have!

We don’t just provide the blocks we also provide the training and point you in the right direction for tools. So if you think it’s an idea you’d like to explore give is a call and we can make the necessary arrangements. 

The number is 01342 835 348

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Premium Ice Gallery

Heart Ice Cubes PSD Ice Art

Heart / Valentines Ice Cubes

UCL Logo cubes

UCL Logo Cubes

aeroplane ice cube design

Aeroplane ice cubes

Ice shards in a Smoked Old Fashioned Cocktail

skull ice disc

Skull Ice Disc

logo cubes(1)

Logo Ice Disc/Cube

heart ice cubes

Heart Ice Cubes

CIS logo cubes

CJS Initials Cubes

ice bottle holder

Ice Bottle Holder

Ice Diamond Ice Cube

Diamond Ice Cube

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills enjoying an Audi cocktail!

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills enjoying an Audi cocktail!

tennis ice disc

Tennis Rackets Ice Discs

Premium Ice Rock

Ice Rock

Extra large bar block

Extra Large Bar Block

Lucky Voice logo cubes

Lucky Voice Logo Cubes

Premium Ice Selection

Premium Ice Selection

Tribal Punch Bowl

Tribal Punch Bowl

UCL Logo cubes

UCL Logo Cubes

Ice Balls

Ice Balls

Bar Chipping Blocks

Bar Chipping Block

Atlantica Logo Cube

Atlantica Hotel Logo Cube

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