The PSD Ice Art team receive calls now and again from busy event organisers who need our services at relatively short notice. It’s usually along the lines of “Help! We’ve got a party planned and we really need you!” So it was no surprise when we received our latest ‘emergency call’ from a new client, who had unfortunately been let down at the last minute by their original supplier. Obviously the more notice we have the better, but in this case it was urgent.

Greenhill, the leading independent investment bank, needed a certain ‘something’ to celebrate with their client, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries – a grand gesture which showed thought and was personal to their brand.

We absolutely love a challenge and it gives us great pleasure to help clients in their hour of need. So we rolled-up our sleeves and got straight to work – well actually we piled on our warm gear and got in the freezer to get ready for action!

We listened to Greenhill’s brief and worked with them to adapt it slightly to accommodate the short timings. Then our designer created a sketch for the proposed sculpture. Sometimes it’s tricky for clients to visualise the final result, so Greenhill were able to see exactly what their ice sculpture was going to look like from our sketch before they gave the go-ahead.

PSD Prescribe a Splash of Colour

The use of colour worked incredibly effectively with this particular ice sculpture as you can see here. 

teva ice sculptures

The Remedy – An Ice Cool Party…

The capsule ice sculpture was so eye-catching, particularly in front of the amazing fish tank! Guests at the event just couldn’t wait to have their photo taken next to it.

Teva - time for a quick pic!

The Affect Effects…

As you can see here, this is the ’after’ photo when we got the ice back to our studio. The capsule ice sculptures are still going strong. We often get asked “how long will my ice sculpture last” so we thought it would be interesting to show the ice the next morning on the driveway! This was in January though – so the outdoor temperature was low. 

teva still going strong the next day!

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