We were invited by Tom Bauer of Boulder Brighton to host a surprise team building activity for his team at his renowned climbing centre. The centre opens up to the public in the afternoon on some days, so it was agreed that we would come down early one morning and surprise the team at the centre itself. As soon as the team arrived they all tried to take a peek into the climbing room where we had set up the sculptures – at first it wasn’t obvious to them what they were there to do other than a team building event – then they twigged!

After a quick introduction and safety talk, it was over to the group to start creating their masterpiece. Tom had chosen a seahorse sculpture, which was very apt considering we were near the seaside. For the next hour and a half everyone was busy carving, collaborating, listening to advice from the experts (who were moving around the groups giving advice and encouragement) and peering at the work of their co-workers to see how they were getting on, before arriving at what they hoped looked something like a seahorse and admiring their work.

There was lots of banter and discussion going on, and on the whole everyone was very calm and engrossed in what they were doing. Many were surprised by what they had achieved. All of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves and one person remarked that he hadn’t enjoyed making something so much.
And although it was a little bit of a competition – it was definitely much less competitive than your usual run-of-the-mill team building event, which most of them found to be very refreshing.

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