You may have heard about an exciting waterfront regeneration programme in East London at the Royal Albert Dock, which is situated opposite London City Airport.

It’s primed to be the next leading business district in London, alongside Canary Wharf and of course the City of London – big news indeed.

The development is a mixture of commercial/retail and residential properties built in an historic wharf-side location and when we say historical we mean it!  Apparently the building contractors had to be very careful during the redevelopment, as there could have been ‘unexploded ordnance’ (that’s bombs to you and me) from the Second World War at the site. Terrifying.

Luckily, the only explosions we heard were at the after-party, with champagne corks popping to celebrate the completion of works.

As ice sculptors this is just the kind of project we love to be involved with and help to commemorate in style. Three companies joining together to celebrate the successful completion of their important construction project, which began back in 2015.

The Multiplex Construction, ABP and Citic Construction brands all appeared prominently, each carved into the ice in full colour, on a beautiful 2 metre ice bar that we carved for their party at the Madison Roof Terrace in London. It’s a stunning City location, with panoramic views across east London, which made for the perfect backdrop to the completed development project nearby.

Now, we have to share this with you. This wasn’t our ‘usual’ ice bar enquiry we have to say, although to be honest none of our ice bars are ever the same. It started out as a straightforward enough ice bar design, albeit with a beautiful outline of the Royal Albert Docks carved in the ice. But things quickly changed when our client discovered our passion and expertise for carving the likeness of people (and yes sometimes pets) in ice.

All we needed was a recent photo and off we went to our studio in the freezer.

As you can probably imagine, it’s a fine art to not only carve a face, but also make it actually look like the person. So it all starts with a bit of chainsaw action….this would make a great caption competition.

Percy Carving Likeness Multiplex

Watch as Percy starts to add in some finer details…

This photo below is what we were given to form the basis of the likeness in ice and we think it turned out brilliantly – well done Percy! We’ve also sculpted busts of Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on This Morning as well as the likeness of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn …not forgetting Snoopy The Dog and of course Ben Shepherd and Kate Garaway. We also carved the likeness for a client of ours who was organising a 40th birthday party.

The 2m ice bar shown in position with St Paul’s in the background makes for a brilliant photograph…

…and with lighting all ready and set to go, it really catches your eye and is a real focal point for the room.

2m Ice Bar Royal Albert Dock Multiplex

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