In October 2012 we were approached by Claire who was looking to with an ice sculptor on an upcoming project she had for a Magazine called FaceOn.  She was looking to a story based on Frost and Ice using models behind ice sculptures and planes of ice.

Percy met up with her for coffee to discuss the project. Being passionate about his work Percy wasn’t satisfied with just producing a few simple sculptures and planes. His vision included using shards, a water splash sculpture even a bracelet and a crown! And as always he likes to incorporate his textured ice wherever possible.

Claire was very excited by his proposals and had so much faith in his professional creativity decided that it was probably best just to let Percy produce what he thought best and bring it along to the shoot.

Her hunch was spot on! On the day of the shoot Percy arrived at the rented studio to meet the team of models, makeup artists, dressers and Claire. His main role on the day was to suggest ways in which the ice could work with the models and to set them up accordingly.

The end result was a stunning six-page display in the centre of FaceOn magazine showing the planes of textured ice which started off cloudy and then blended into clear ice, his Water Splash sculpture and the Ice Shards. It was the magazine’s most successful edition to date!

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