We were contacted by Lisa from Germaine Walker Photography Agent who was organising a photo shoot for the Italian magazine Amica with the photographer Jillian Lochner and the Italian stylist Vanessa Giudici.

They had been commissioned to shoot around 12 pages for the November issue of the magazine featuring various high end fashion accessories by designers such as Prada, Miu Miu, Christian Louboutin and Dolce & Gabbana. The themes for the shoot are frozen / forest / bones and Jillian was keen to feature one of our sculptures. She had fallen in love with the idea of having an ice sculpture, possibly a deer of part of a stag.

Percy contacted Jillian directly to discuss the project. She explained that she wanted to create something with an ‘edge’ and was thinking of having a deer trapped in ice. She wanted to try to express the deer’s distress and also the peacefulness of resignation.

She sent us a photo of the sort of thing she had in mind. She was keen to have any idea / vision on how we could make this work and was happy to leave it to Percy’s artistic interpretation. Percy made a few sketches and called her again to go through his ideas. She had originally considered using real horns within the sculpture but changed her mind. Percy agreed that it would be difficult as they would be too heavy. He suggested that he use the textured ice instead making the body out of the white ice and the horns from clear ice. She liked that idea!

The shoot took place at the beginning of August. Percy drove to the North London studio himself with the sculpture. Both Jillian and Vanessa were present and the set was already in place. When they first saw the sculpture they were utterly amazed by its exquisite beauty. But before they could begin their work Percy had to remove the ice supports he had left on the raised leg to protect them from being damaged during transportation and thin out the antlers.

The shoot lasted several hours and the deer started to melt slightly but this only added to the overall effect that they were looking for. The final result was featured in the November issue of Amica magazine and both Jillian and Vanessa were ecstatic!

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