Imagine you’re an ambassador for a leading drinks brand in a market flooded with spirits – with gin at the forefront – what would you do to get bars and restaurants buying and serving your particular brand of gin? And in turn creating loyalty within a wider audience of discerning drinkers who frequent these bars?

Step forward Cyan Wong, UK Brand Ambassador for Barcardi-owned Oxley Gin. One of Cyan’s aims is to ensure that leading bartender’s in the UK are well versed in showcasing the complex properties of this beautifully balanced gin….and are falling totally in love with it as their go-to gin brand.

Now, if we got sent this, we would have found this very hard to resist! An exclusive invitation was delivered to a carefully selected list of bartenders to attend the Oxley Gin Bartenders Brunch at Sager + Wilde in London. With the invite came a promise to deliver something a little extra to tease their curiosity.

Live Ice Carving Masterclass

That extra something was our ice sculptor Giovanni and the opportunity to learn directly from the experts in ice how to carve a range of ice cubes in different shapes. Giovanni worked directly with each bartender and presented a step-by-step guide on how to carve diamond’s, ice sphere’s and ice rock’s – all starting from a 5.5 cm cube of ice cut from strips via a bar block.

A brunch and a brand new skill – plus the chance for some fun when they return to their bars practicing their new techniques.

Oxley Gin Ice Selfie Frame

Creating ice selfie frames is a specialism of the PSD ice team and you can see how effective it is – this time we added in citrus fruits in various ways including whole fruits and swirls of peel to give the frame a real sense of energy and freshness.

The Oxley Gin logo is centered at the base of the ice frame…next to an additional ice bottle holder to keep drinks super chilled and ready for mixing. The bottle holder to the left had three spaces; one for a bottle of Oxley Gin, one for vermouth (an essential martini ingredient) and another for ice carving tools.

Cyan is so passionate about Oxley Gin and is incredibly fun to work with – we really enjoyed this project. It’s clear to see why it has such a loyal and devoted following.

Oxley Gin Selfie Frame

What Makes Oxley Gin So Special?

With 8 years in the making using a revolutionary cold distillation process, Oxley Gin is produced to extremely high standards and tastes sooo fresh – with 14 botanicals and zesty notes. As well as being small batch (with individually numbered bottles) it also packs a weighty alcoholic punch with an abv of 47%.

In the UK, a 70cl bottle currently retails around the £40 mark – so it sits squarely and rightfully in the premium gin category.

For more information about Oxley Gin and their cold distillation process visit their website at or via Instagram @oxleygin @cyanwonderwong

Photo Credits: PSD Ice Art and Cyan Wong

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