Matt Janes from, the quirky London dating agency approached us on the recommendation of Sam Bompas from Bompas & Parr, to help them create a unique dating event at the top of The Shard. Their idea was to build the world’s highest urban ice bar complete with an igloo and chaise longue and have 200 single Londoners climb to the 72nd floor to experience the event during Valentine’s week. As The Shard is open to the public we not only had to design and build an igloo but figure how we were going to transport nearly 2 tonnes of ice to the top within a very limited time-frame and without causing to much disruption to the paying public!

Our expert PSD Ice Art sculptors were keen to take on the challenge and immediately set about creating a stunning igloo complete with a chaise longue large enough to accommodate 2 people snuggling up on a fur rug and an ice bar incorporating the logos of and the other sponsors.

We required at least 6 hours to get the ice up to the top and start the build. Percy and Clemente, our Chief Sculptor and Designer were to remain at the top once the first layer had been delivered while the rest of the team continued to bring up the rest of the ice. Because we had to use the public lifts it was decided that the build would take place the night before the event. Once complete it would be covered up until the morning to protect it from the wind and rain and then then displayed t the paying public throughout the day before the ‘real event’ that evening. The ice bar was going to be constructed an hour before the event.

Everyone was absolutely delighted with the results. The igloo was a huge success with a constant stream of people sitting inside and having their photos taken. the ice bar was packed throughout the entire evening with the bar staff serving drinks in just their shirtsleeves despite the open sides to The Shard and the howling wind! The hosts were ecstatic as they believed that we had , in their own words, ‘achieved miracles’to get the job done so expertly, professionally and above all in time. It was very hard work and the boys had barely any sleep for 4 days but it was well worth all the effort and we now added an (unofficial) world record to our repertoire! 

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