There was a fizzy frenzy in the ice studio this month and a refreshing citrus zing in the air.

This is all because Icelandic Glacial Water have perfected three new delicious additions to their sparkling water range – Sicilian Lemon, Tahitian Lime and Elderflower. Heaven sent for the hot summer weather and perfectly timed for their UK launch.

Our client, Go2 Grocery, commissioned us (on behalf of Icelandic Glacial) to create a bright and beautiful 2.5m ice bar, which would be on display at the BarCode Festival in London.

The thing we love the most (apart from the fizzy refreshing taste) is that the new sparkling water flavours are certified carbon neutral, are zero calories and zero sugar. Ethical, good for you and the planet …and tasty.

‘Freezing-In’ Process

So the ice team got to work designing the ice bar and ‘freezing-in’ all the water bottles and citrus fruits. Here’s a pic to show the freezing in process. It takes time and lots of patience to do this, as you must keep checking the position of whatever you are freezing in to make sure it hasn’t slipped out of place or fallen over – before it’s too late and properly frozen in.

What type of water?

During the design and planning phase we get asked all sorts of questions (which we are always very happy to answer) and typically no two projects are ever alike, so it keeps it interesting and varied. This time, we were asked if we could use Icelandic Glacial water (which is bottled at source at the famous Ölfus Spring in Iceland) to freeze in to ice blocks to make the bar.

This is possible of course, but on a practical level it would need thousands of litres of water to make an ice bar this size. So our client would have needed to send us an enormous amount of stock (and therefore waste plastic and increased budget required for shipping costs) for us to do this.

Instead they opted to go for the usual purified water that we supply and freeze some of the bottles into the ice instead.

Here’s Percy and Andrew with the finished bar after they’ve set everything up…

andrew and percy icelandic glacial

The BarCode Festival ( is an annual event in London which raises money for a great cause called GroceryAid. It’s also the grocery industry’s summer party, with headline music acts, street food vendors and bars.

These photos are courtesy of @go2grocery and it looks like they had so much fun.

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