Elegance and glamour reached a whole new level at The Berkeley during their latest event to celebrate the official launch of their new Ballroom.

The Autumnal tones of the beautiful and exotic Cymbidium orchids created a delicate and fascinating effect in the three ice pillars we carved for this iconic London hotel. The ice actually magnified the size of the orchids inside and made for a mesmerising and luxurious flower display.

Cymbidium Orchids In Ice PSD Ice Art

The production process for freezing in flowers takes time and attention to detail. Firstly, the flowers have to be in perfect condition and exactly as our client wishes them to appear – either in full bloom or buds or sometimes a mixture of the two.

This requires our timings to be spot on, as we need to start the freezing-in process in time for the sculptures to be ready, without compromising on the look of the flowers or plants. We can source the flowers and plants or sometimes our clients deliver them to us. The three ice pillars were positioned behind the seafood station that we also sculpted for them.


Berkeley Hotel Ice Food Display PSD Ice Art


Here it is ready to be laden with delicious seafood and sushi treats. The back ice wall had the Berkeley Hotel logo carved in the ice with the exact same orchids frozen in, placed at an angle to match the shard accents at each end.




Percy Salazar with Ferrari at The Berkeley Hotel


The party also had a rather gorgeous F1 Ferrari in situ for guests to admire. Here’s Percy taking a quick pic before everyone arrives.






Berkeley Hotel London PSD Ice Art Ice Food Display

This is the ice seafood/sushi station ready to go…abundant with gorgeous food and proudly displayed;






The Berkeley Hotel Ballroom PSD Ice Art

The view from behind…we love the dancer positioned on the podium as she is obviously making guests feel very welcome and entertaining everyone judging by the lady’s face in the blue dress!




Berkeley Insta Pic

To make the event complete, F1 drivers were serving delicious canapés (we spotted this photo on @the_berkeley instagram account). Tasty!







PSD Ice Art

Unloading our freezer van back at the studio the next day, the pillars still look stunning in the Autumn sunshine.

Catherine, Head of Events & Groups at The Berkeley, thanked us for all of our help – they had ‘excellent comments about the sculptures and were really pleased! Thank you again!






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