The Connaught Hotel, nestled in the heart of Mayfair, is a real favourite of ours for many reasons.

You only need to take a quick scroll through their intriguing history and you’ll realise what we mean.

The heritage and traditions that have made the hotel what it is today are based on real people – colourful personalities and characters that have shaped and influenced the hotel since the early 19th century in fact. And we don’t just mean the long line of famous (and not so famous) guests that have enjoyed eating and drinking in the beautiful bars and restaurants and of course snoozed peacefully there.

We are referring to the incredibly hard working and talented people that comprise The Connaught Hotel team.

So that’s why we were so honoured to be asked to create a special ice sculpture for the hotel.  Every year The Connaught holds their own ‘Annual Achievement Awards’ for their staff – a kind of internal recognition ceremony (we love this).

We needed to sculpt and deliver something befitting such an elegant and luxurious venue and to suit the theme of the event. So what better than a bright star ice sculpture to celebrate the stars in the hotel?

The photo above shows the ice sculpture just as we set it up – it’s always a little frosty when it arrives as its been wrapped and stored in our freezer.

And this is a photo from @theconnaught instagram so you can see it once it has come up to temperature and the ice magically reveals itself and is crystal clear.

instagram post connaught hotel

Neil Young, Private Events Manager Operations Manager at The Connaught sent us a lovely message afterwards…

“The event was great and the ice carving looked fantastic. Thank you for all your help.”

If you’d like to know how we get the ice so clear then click here >

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