We all know that Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a delicious Cadbury Selection Box nestling at the bottom of our stocking or sack. So imagine our surprise and delight when a huge box of festive chocolate goodies was delivered to our Ice Studio from Cadbury. Take a look at this stash of scrumptiousness ready to dive in to! We actually thought Christmas had come very early this year.

Sadly for us, the chocolate wasn’t there to be scoffed. Instead it was expertly frozen in ice by the PSD Ice Art Sculpting Team for a rather special Cadbury Christmas Chocolate launch event.

This choc-tastic ice sculpture was proudly unveiled at the uber-cool ICEBAR LONDON (www.icebarlondon.com), lavishly displaying all the other enticing Cadbury Christmas chocolate treats. It included our new favourite the aptly named ‘Dairy Milk Snowy Bites’ which we now keep stashed in our studio freezer.

We’ve ‘frozen-in’ all manner of products from cameras to beauty products and as we illustrated here, chocolate is perfectly suited to this technique as well. Overall, it’s an ingenious way to showcase any brand and adds a fresh new dimension to a launch or promotion that really gets people’s attention. 

[Ed. Note:] We waited very patiently for the Cadbury ice sculpture to melt so we could ‘rescue’ the chocolate inside ….it was worth it.

Merry Christmas!

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