Every now and again, a job comes in that we know is going to be BIG news.

The events team at M&C Saatchi approached us to create something show stopping and quite frankly ‘stop-you-in-your-tracks’ kind of beautiful. Luckily, they had the PSD Ice Art team at their full disposal!

The brief was to create a vodka luge ice scupture for Virgin Media, for an awards ceremony after-party being held in London….hang on a minute we thought – yes…this is for the 2017 BAFTA TV Awards!

Obviously, the Virgin logo is one of the most recognised and iconic logo’s worldwide, so we wanted to make sure the sculpture looked incredible for such a prestigious ceremony.

The proposed design was for the full Virgin Media ellipse to be filled with bright red flowers of different shapes/sizes/varieties. Due to the recent (cold) climate, it actually took longer than we originally thought for some of the flowers to open up properly. But as soon as they were ready, we slipped them in to their icy bed and froze them all in to the four ice blocks with perfect precision.

This in itself is a very difficult job as the flowers – approximately 100 stems – needed to be placed in their exact positions ready to be carved in to the elliptical shape of the logo.

Percy Flower Arranging Frozen In

Percy measuring out and placing the flowers to fit in the ellipse ….and below the flowers being ‘frozen-in’.

Easy Does it at PSD Ice ArtEasy does it!!!

Frozen In Flowers

On the day of the awards, we travelled to the Royal Festival Hall to deliver and install the sculpture at the agreed location. Our set-up time started around 8pm, and we were ready to go from about 10pm.

Measuring at the BAFTAs

Here’s Giovanni and Clemente from the PSD Ice Team setting up the light stand.

set up at the baftasSuch a stunning location too, right on South Bank! And its not even raining!

With a few minutes to go….watch Clemente put the finishing touches on the ice sculpture;

 PSD Ice Art

And now take a look quick video showing it from all angles – lit up in red and FINISHED!

 PSD Ice Art

Here’s our very own Andrew Salazar (looking very handsome in his shirt tie and waistcoat we might add!) ready and waiting to serve the vodka through the luge to all the guests at the party.

Here’s a short video of him pouring vodka in to the mouth of a passing enthusiastic celeb…we think we know who this is – can you guess?!

 PSD Ice Art

The luge was in full use all night – in fact it was crazy we had so many people wanting to try it out.

The party ended around 2/2.30am so it was time to sadly dismantle the ice and head on home to our cosy beds – we got in around 4.30/5am and just about saw the sun rising.

So if your brand needs a refreshing new way to get noticed then please get in touch.

Actually, we’ve just remembered we created a Virgin logo before as you can see here…head on over to our logo page to see some more examples.

virgin logo ice sculpture PSD Ice Art

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