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Stunning ‘Bride & Groom’ Ice Sculpture? Tick!

Double Ski Jump Luge, complete with love heart and initials? Yep!

Thirteen individually carved mountain-themed ice sculpture table centres? Oh yes!

Personalised ice cubes with the bride and groom’s initial’s romantically carved on each and every one of them? ….stop right now! Where’s our invite?!

If you’re looking for a masterclass in how to dress a venue with ice for a decadent, elegant and most importantly, meaningful, wedding then read on folks.

Here’s the beautiful ‘Bride & Groom’ Ice Sculpture;

bride and groom ice sculpture PSD Ice Art

The happy couple made sure their guests had plenty of fun with this double ski jump luge, which was personalised with a love heart and their initials and placed at the opposite end of an incredible flower display.

personalised double ski jump

The thirteen mountain inspired table centerpieces were all etched with the names of mountain ranges, like La Fornet and Grand Motte to name a few.  

Here’s a close up of ‘La Daille’ and ‘Val Snow Park’;

La Daille Ice Sculpture Table Centre

…and a photo to show how the ice sculptures give the whole scene a sense of opulence and luxury.

Wedding Scene Ice Sculptures

Head on over to our pinterest ‘Wedding Ice Sculptures’ board if you want to see more ideas or book your wedding ice consultation here.

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