PSD Ice Art has been established since 2005 and over the years has gained an enviable reputation for producing ice sculptures and other ice creations of the highest quality within the ice industry.

We are a family-run, highly-focused team of designers and ice sculptors with an all consuming passion for ice!

Led by Master Craftsman and lead designer Percy Salazar-Diaz (far right), the ice sculpting team is made up of the combined skills and creative talents of Clemente Gava, Ionut (Giovanni) Checherita and Andrew Salazar-Crespo.

Located just outside London, we are in a prime position to serve both the capital and the South East. We also work on larger overseas and national projects.

We are a full-time team of four, three of whom are members of the same family (Andrew is Percy’s eldest son). Our designer, Clemente, started off as an ice sculptor and gradually moved over to the design side but still likes to keep his hand in and is frequently found back in the freezer during our busy periods.

PSD Ice Art crew at belowzero Ice Bar London

All our ice sculptors have been personally trained by Percy to the highest standards.  The finer detail is important to us, so we are happy to take the time needed to ensure that we get it right first time.

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