Is your wedding or event missing someone very special? A certain furry companion, perhaps?

As a nation of animal lovers, it’s impossible to leave those pampered pussy cats and pet pooches at home, especially with their big beautiful eyes and the ‘sad face’ they seem to effortlessly arrange – perfectly designed to make you feel guilty for leaving them behind.

But what if we said that all pets are now not only welcome, but could be the star of the show? Or we went one further and said that even mythical creatures like unicorns, cartoon frogs or celebrity dogs can now easily join the fun of a party?

Your guest list just got bigger.

The truth is, dogs aren’t usually welcome to a lot of events – regardless of how important the day is for the couple or organisers.

While our team at PSD Ice Art can’t twist the arm of the venue to reverse their policy on pets attending, we can make pretty amazing ice replicas.

That’s right, we’ve helped loads of people make their special day even more pawfect by carving their dog in ice form.

This beautiful sculpture can act as a memorable centrepiece at your event and give guests another excuse to take more  Photographs. Or if you want everyone to get an even closer look, you could have your furry friend made into a luge. In fact, we recently carved a replica of the black Labrador dog, Dickens, from ITV’s Grantchester to mark the end of the season. 

This beautiful sculpture was the talk of the wrap party and a perfect way to ensure one of the television show’s biggest stars was still able to attend.


It’s not just pets that we’re able to create. We’ve even carved a sheep for a wedding couple who worked in the agricultural industry. “Having phoned PSD Ice Art with only a week’s notice, they were able to produce an excellent sculpture of a sheep for a farmer’s wedding, deliver it to the site and install without the bride or groom’s knowledge. It was a fantastic surprise, perfectly executed by PSD, that looked fantastic and even had the farmers recognising the breed”, Steve Rose explained.

Ever watched The Princess and the Frog? Well, we’ve made the lead characters for one loved up couple too. After an in-depth conversation with the chief bridesmaid, we had a matter of days to create a beautiful homage to the famous Disney movie.

Despite the tight deadline, our team brought these characters to life, carving the beautiful princess and frog from two separate blocks of ice and placing them in position at the hotel on light stands.


The chief bridesmaid said: “The ice sculpture was amazing, it truly was magical! I didn’t even notice your colleague, you or whoever set up the ice sculpture – so timings and discretion must have been perfect. We will be highly recommending your company in the future.”

If you’re looking to add a different kind of magic to an event, we’ve even had the pleasure of carving a gorgeous unicorn for the Homeseller commercials in 2015.

The online estate agent wanted to create an intriguing sequence of adverts based upon various Sherlock Holmes inspired mini mysteries. Directed by Oscar-nominated, Peter Cattaneo, our ice unicorn featured on primetime television in their first advert.

While you probably won’t be making any TV adverts in the immediate future, a unicorn does make an awesome feature for a kid’s birthday party or christening.

For a slightly wilder theme, you might prefer the multiple lion’s heads we once created as table centrepieces for a charity function. Alternatively, our team have also created a cool stag which made it into the Times newspaper, a flamingo for the London steakhouse, Flat Iron Steak and a Circus du Sega elephant for the video game masterminds, Sega!

So whether you’ve got a wedding, party, christening or a significant date coming up, we can help you add a bit of bite to your big day.

To find out more about bringing the animal kingdom to your next event, give us a call on 01342 835348.

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