All our ice sculptures are bespoke and so are priced accordingly.

Broadly speaking though, we go on the amount of ice being used, i.e. the number of blocks.

A bespoke 1 block ice sculpture starts at £395 + VAT. Prices vary according to the size, detail and difficulty required or if any colour is added (such as company logos). The blocks measure 1m x 50cm x 25cm.

For the more popular ice sculptures we have set pieces known as the PARTY, FIESTA & CARNIVAL ranges. 

Party (H30cm) is  £185 + VAT and is only available within a 10 mile radius from our studio based in Newchapel Surrey,

Fiesta (H70cm) is £260 + VAT

Carnival (H1m) is £335 + VAT

These include Numbers (e.g. for a special birthday), a Stiletto Shoe, Male/Female Torso, a Single Initial, ‘Can-Can’ legs & a Dolphin.

We also have a selection of wedding related ice sculptures such as Swans, Hearts & Butterflies and Christmas ones – like a Christmas  Tree, Snowman and a Sleigh.


Take a look at our entire Price List here >

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