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Ice Team Building

Sculpt The Perfect Team

Ice carving is fun, creative and rewarding. It’s also a unique and intriguing team building experience unlike no other! So if you would like your team members to communicate more effectively, reward hard working employees or develop the talent in your business then an ice carving team building event is the perfect solution.

The session begins with a full safety briefing and a live demonstration from one of our very talented ice artists, who will show you all the skills and techniques that are required to turn a simple block of ice in to an incredible ice sculpture.  Then it’s over to each team to get hands-on and recreate their very own ice sculpture using team work, communication skills and their own creative flair.

Our events take place throughout the year and are suitable for any size or type of team from junior recruits or established teams to senior managers and business leaders.  Each team will be provided with aprons, gloves for protection, a set of ice carving chisels and a drip tray for the ice sculpture to stand in.

Choose from a collection of ten ice sculpture designs, ranging from easy to carve to more challenging.  

Ice carving is also a great idea for a company party or event ‘ice-breaker’ – excuse the pun!

Team Building Event Coming Up Soon?

Whether it’s for a private or corporate function we can create the perfect experience.

Melt Away The Tension

Reward your hard working team with a fun and unique ‘hands-on’ experience like no other!

Ice sculpting team building sessions can take place almost anywhere – so it’s completely up to you. Usually the session forms part of a bigger event or is based at your office/place of work.

You will need to ensure that there are sufficient surfaces for the ice sculptures to go on i.e sturdy tables.

We provide everything else for the ice carving experience though, including floor coverings if necessary. This includes all the sculpting tools needed for ice carving, a descriptive diagram, the ice (of course!), aprons & gloves.

Generally we suggest putting 2 people on one ice carving station, as we find this works the best.

The maximum would be 3 people to one carving station, as not everyone can be carving at the same time.

The maximum overall team size would be around 40 for one event. If you have larger teams we could split the session in to two or three and run separate sessions throughout the day/evening.

As well as offering bespoke/tailored packages to suit your event, we also have 2 team building packages you can chose from:

1 Hour Masterclass

1 ½ – 2 Hour Masterclass

Refreshments and alcohol form part of the experience but it’s not something we provide.

That’s not to say that they can’t be served though. We have attended many events where canapes and Champagne have been served throughout the carving experience.

This is usually provided by the caterers for the event or has been arranged directly with the venue.

This depends on how many people are attending and for how long.

We have kept our team building pricing simple so that it’s easier to understand.  Prices are per person only and the cost per person reduces the larger the team is.

Take a look at our Pricing & Delivery page for costings >

Watch This To Find Out More...

Ice Team Building Gallery

Team Building Lingfield Park

Team Building at Lingfield Park

Team Building jimmys 2

Jimmy's Pop-Up Team Building Session

Team Building Boulder Brighton Seahorses

Team Building at Boulder Brighton

Team Building Belowzero Lion 2

Percy Judging The Winner!

Team Building Belowzero

Team Building Fun At
Belowzero Ice Bar

Team Building Belowzero Lion

Team Building - Lion - Ice Bar London

Team Building Belowzero Snowmen

Snowmen - Proudly On Display

Team Building jimmys

Percy's Masterclass Intro

Team Building Stilettos

Stiletto's are harder than they look!

Team Building Stilettos 2

All set up and ready to go...

Team Building Jimmys

Very absorbing as you can see

Mushrooms Team Building

There wasn't 'Mushroom' left at the end

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