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Professional Bartenders need the right tools for the job

Luckily, we can provide everything you need to happily chip your way through bar blocks and sculpt the perfect deluxe ice, whether it be sparkling diamonds, shards, rocks or chunky cubes.

Our range of ice sculpting tools includes;

  • ‘3 Prong’ Ice Pick (small)
  • ‘6 Prong’ Ice Pick (large)
  • ‘Single Prong’ Ice Pick (large)
  • Japanese Knife/Folding Knife
  • Saws

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Other tools


on request

Bartender Training

Release your inner ice carving creativity and get hands-on professional training from the experts in ice.

If you or your team need some specialist training we can provide bespoke packages to suit your needs.

Ever wondered how to carve the perfect ice diamond? Or maybe you’re looking to train your bar staff to use ice bar blocks safely… and with a little flair?!

Raise your bar skills to the next level with our top tips. We can provide personalised ice training sessions at your choice of venue – all skillfully led by master craftsman and lead ice sculptor Percy Salazar-Diaz. 

For more info please get in touch >

Ice Diamond
Ice Diamond 2

NEW! Pre-Sliced Ice Bar Blocks

Calling all bar tenders, mixologists and movers and shakers in the cocktail industry. This is an exclusive opportunity not to be missed!

PSD Ice Art’s all new Pre-Sliced Ice Bar Block’s are carved in to either 3 or 4 slices so you can now make 5.5cm or 7.5cm cubes.

Of course, you can still buy the ice blocks whole from us if you prefer. But it would be so much easier to simply pop a couple of ice slices in your bar freezer hassle free.

See what the new ice slices look like in our short video and watch Percy quickly make some cubes…

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