Our hard working clients in the hospitality and catering industry come to us for fresh ideas on how to present food and drinks in a different and imaginative way. 

They are very often based on a theme, or the type of food being served, with the most popular choice being seafood.

Without a doubt sushi and fish/seafood lends itself very well to being served on or inside ice and usually the ice is crushed, keeping everything as cold and fresh as possible. But did you know that there are many alternative, innovative and engaging ways to use ice?

Mouthwatering Ice Displays

Why not wow your guests and create a sumptuous buffet by presenting seafood on ice table bars or tiered shelf displays, sushi in a tetris wall or oysters in ice clam shells. 

You can even serve smoked salmon on ice plates or ice cream from specially made ice pockets set on a table bar…or why not opt for these fabulous ice sorbet bowls.

If you would prefer something more decorative, consider freezing fish, fruit, drinks bottles or even vegetables into an ice wall.

We have also sculpted a dragon, a mermaid sitting on a rock, an ice shard setting for presenting canapes even an ice table bar accommodating gelato.


Leaping Sturgeon Ice Sculpture PSD Ice Art
Leaping Sturgeon Ice Sculpture PSD Ice Art Caviar display

The Gold Scholarship Finals 2020 at The Berkeley Hotel London - Personalised Scallop Shell Seafood Station and 'Leaping Sturgeon' Ice Sculpture with Caviar Petrossian Paris Display

Unigestion colour logo - 1 block

Unigestion 1 Block Colour fill


Ice Bowls - Perfect For Sorbets & Ice Creams

The Jockey Club Ice Sculpture PSD Ice Art Ice - Main Image LR

The Jockey Club at Cheltenham Festival 2019

goose scallop shell

Scallop Shell With Flying Goose or Swan

Tetris Wall Sushi Presentation

Tetris Wall Sushi Presentation

Seafood Bar

Seafood Bar & Back Bar

Ice Plate

ROKA Ice Plate

Tiered Seafood Bar

Tiered Seafood Bar

Tower Bridge & Seafood Wall

Tower Bridge & Seafood Wall

Frozen Halibut

Why did Seafood From Norway freeze this fish in? Just for the Halibut!

Classic Fine foods - Seafood station new

Classic Fine foods - Seafood Extravaganza!

Berkeley Hotel London PSD Ice Art Ice Food Display

Berkeley Hotel London Sushi Display

Extend Seafood Station

Extended Seafood Station
With Scallop Shells

Clam Shell - Oyster - Seafood

Ice Clam Shell - Oyster's - Seafood

Seafood Wall

Seafood Wall

Seafood Wall

Seafood Wall

Oyster Bar

Bentley's Oyster Bar

Crabs set in Ice Wall

Crabs set in Ice Wall

seafood bar display - trays (12)

Seafood Bar Display

Ice Plates (Aqua Kyoto London)

Oyster shell with white ice pearl food display

Oyster shell with white ice pearl

Seafood Station With Ice Wall

Crustacean Station (1)

Crustacean Station

Fish & Shellfish Stacked Wall

Ice cream display at The Shard

Ice Cream Display

ice dragon food station

Ice Dragon Food Station

seafood sliced fish

Percy With A Sliced Fish!

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