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PSD Ice Art are the fabulous ice sculpting team behind the brand new ice sculptures at the iconic Belowzero Ice Bar in London.

We’ve sculpted, chipped and carved a staggering 30 tonnes of ice into a spectacular new theme aptly called #LONDONLAND 

Watch this!

Take a tour around the brand new Belowzero Ice Bar in our latest video…

The PSD Ice Art Team

We did it!!!

The BelowZero Ice Bar is now open and we couldn’t be more pleased with the new theme.

PSD Ice Art crew at belowzero Ice Bar London


The theme is ‘LondonLand’. It’s a cheeky and playful twist on everyone’s beloved London icons.


The London Black Cab – a national treasure which had to feature in the new design. It also has a seat inside for a fully immersive experience. 

Belowzero Taxi Ice Sculpture
Belowzero Ice Bar London Lion Sculpture by PSD Ice Art

Hear me ROAR!!

A magestic lion with a punky plumage…keep an eye on this one – there is more to him than first meets the eye!

Behind The Scenes

The new theme for the ice bar (which gets updated each year) will be familiar to everyone, yet has a modern, stylish and playful twist on reality. It’s already been referred to by visitors as ‘beautiful’, ‘topical’ and feeling ‘British’.

We are incredibly proud to be working with Belowzero on such an exciting and truly unique project for a much-loved and popular central London venue. The ice bar is based just off Regent Street and attracts huge numbers of visitors a year, so we had to make sure that whatever we created, it was something really impressive to grab people’s attention – as well as something everyone could really enjoy and feel part of.

We significantly increased our studio and production space to accommodate the additional freezers required to store the new ice sculptures for the ice bar – two 40ft freezers to be precise!  We completed the build at the end of May 2018, following a very intense week demolishing the existing bar and then installing the new ice bar theme.

It’s the first time a British company have been chosen to design and create the iconic London ice bar, and also the first time that colour has been used within the ice itself – with dramatic effect.

It’s been truly inspiring to collectively design the vision for the overall look and feel of the bar alongside the creative team at Belowzero.  We had ideas galore and that has meant we’ve achieved a very visually appealing, immersive and what we hope will be the most cherished and memorable design to date.

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