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W Hotel logo ice sculpture

A luge is basically an icy channel in which vodka is traditionally poured through. There are 3 types of luge and there are some pro’s and con’s to using each method. 

Channelled through the ice sculpture itself If the luge channel is carved through the ice sculpture it can get blocked if certain drinks are used. Drinks such as fruit juices and thick creamy drinks like Baileys are not recommended. The purer the alcohol the better hence the name Vodka luge!

Changes in temperatures can cause the ice to warm up and start to melt, then the resulting water trickles through the luge and refreezes within the luge channel, potentially causing a blockage.

To counteract this we test all our luges before wrapping and then again on site. A note is made on the delivery paperwork that the luge has been tested and is good working order before we leave the venue.

Holes can start to appear in the ice sculpture close to the channel – this is usually due to excessive use or incorrect positioning. Wind or constant airflow such as air-conditioning can be a cause of this so when deciding on where it is to go you need to ensure that it is not under an air vent or close to a door/window where air can flow through. If it is being positioned outside it will need to be shielded from the wind preferably under a canopy of some sort.

Having a luge running through the sculpture isn’t always a good idea as it can spoil the overall look of the sculpture. The channel will be quite visible through the ice. Where possible we will disguise it within the design but it cannot always be done.


Using tubing within a very small ice sculptures is the best option here. It’s also advisable if heavy use of the luge is expected as the tubing makes it more durable and won’t block.

The downside with tubing is that it is not as aesthetically pleasing. There will usually be a funnel sticking out at the top and tube will be visible through the ice. We will disguise as much as possible within the design but we can’t make it invisible.

Separate Luge Channel

The third option would be to have the luge as a separate piece. This is the thickest and most durable choice and the least problematic. It can be placed at the side with the exit facing forward or positioned horizontally behind the ice sculpture, exiting to the right or left. Best use for this type of luge is for colour logos or detailed sculptures as it won’t detract from the design like the awesome ‘W’ hotel sculpture above with double luge.

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