Cymbidium Orchids In Ice PSD Ice Art



Cymbidium Orchids In Ice PSD Ice Art

How the World’s Leading Brands Have Mastered The Art Of Ice

Over the years, the list of things we get asked to ‘freeze-in’ to ice are all fairly straightforward – herbs or aromatics and fruit or vegetables. Then flowers and botanicals bloomed in to our ice blocks – gorgeous for summer weddings and events as centrepieces or ice serving platters.

Later, we got really clever with sumptuous seafood, artistically freezing-in and presenting spidery crabs and giant, gleaming, whole salmon cut in to sections, like an icy version of a Damien Hirst art installation.

From there, it went crazy and there was really little limit to what we could or would freeze in ice; from Nikon ‘Cool Pix’ Cameras, cult beauty products like Aesop, Cadbury chocolate, bottles of luxury spirits and liqueurs, fabulous new books ready to launch, beautiful shoes, Christmas decorations, designer handbags and perfumes – we did it all.

This ‘freezing-in’ trend shows no sign of stopping either (we are glad to say). The ice team absolutely relish being asked to freeze in all sorts of things – the wild and wackier the request the better. It pushes us creatively and technically – who knew one type of mint would fare better than another variety and not turn black when frozen in ice?

These are the things that keep us awake at night.

Champion sportswear is one such client that uses ice with maximum effect. Their recent winter campaign was called ‘The-Big-Freeze’. They launched items from their new clothing range nestled in ice cubes on Instagram. On the run up to the grand campaign finale, they sent out teaser posts asking followers to tune in to their livestream on a certain date/time.

That’s where we came in, delivering a huge block of ice to Birmingham, with which we had expertly ‘frozen-in’ a select range of Champion clothing. The Champion marketing team then suspended the block of ice and melted it live on Instagram in a livestream.

Followers were invited to leave a comment, including a flame emoji, to be in with the chance to win a selection of Champion winter clothing. They had huge numbers of people entering and engaging in the fun.

What would you freeze in ice? Take a look at our logos and branding page to see more examples of how the world’s leading brands are using ice in their campaigns all year round.

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