Original & unique ice design

Introduce an ice sculpture to your event and it will immediately transform it from something quite ordinary to simply extraordinary.

Ice is mesmerising in that it instantly draws people towards it – usually to touch it! It’s also incredibly versatile and with the right expertise it can be turned into an amazing piece of art. And best of all it is quite beautiful in its simplicity and clarity.

You’ll be amazed at some of the subjects we have covered so don’t be afraid to present us with your idea.  We’re bound to find a way to do it for you.

If you’re looking to draw attention to your logo or brand we can re-create it in ice for maximum impact. Take a look at what we’ve sculpted for companies like Google, HSBC, Hard Rock Cafe and Lamborghini to name-drop a few.

Bespoke Ice Sculpture Gallery

tape telephone box ice sculpture

Ice Telephone Box

Morrison Foerster Scalpel 4 blocks PSD Ice Art

The Scalpel Building London for Morrison Foerster - 4 Block Ice Sculpture

hard rock cafe vinyl ice sculpture luge

Hard Rock Cafe 'Vinyl' Ice Sculpture

Percy and Isabell Kristensen LFW 2018

Isabel Kristensen
London Fashion Week 2018

Igloo at the top of The Shard

Igloo At The Top Of The Shard


60th B'day On Board
The Sunborn Yacht

Seahorse on wave

Seahorse On A Wave

Hampton COurt Palace Gardens For Good and PSD Ice Art

RHS Hampton Court
Silver Medal -
Gardens For Good

Hard Rock Cafe Selfie Frame

Hard Rock Cafe - Ice Selfie Frame for Big Bus Tours

Rolex and Tudor Watches Ice Sculpture

Rolex and Tudor watches for RL Austen Jewellers - shown here at The Kennels, Goodwood

High-Rise Apples for
Bompas & Parr

Ice Baby bottle with dummies

The Perfect Baby Shower - Ice Baby Bottle With Dummies

Arri Amira CVP BVE ice camera

Ice Camera At BVE for CVP

fish ice sculpture by PSD Ice art

Fish Ice Sculpture With A Serious Message #keepouroceansclean

Heidi Klum in Ice Block by PSD Ice Art

Heidi Klum In Ice
For Rankin

Tudor Watch Cowdray Park

Tudor Watch Ice Sculpture

Tape Grand Piano - Giovanni

Ice Grand Piano

Simply Waste
New Fleet Celebration

F1 Logo Luge

F1 Hospitality Is World Class

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