Animal & Mythical Creature Ice Sculptures

Britain is well-known to be a nation of animal lovers. 

From the cute and cuddly to slimy and scary, we love them all. Some of us have such a passion for our pets they become part of the family.

So much so they can’t bear to leave them out of large family events.

But what if we said that all pets are now not only welcome, but could be the star of the show? Or we went one further and said that even mythical creatures like unicorns, cartoon frogs or celebrity dogs can now easily join the fun of a party? 

The truth is dogs aren’t usually welcome to a lot of events – regardless of how important the day is for the couple or organisers.  

While our team at PSD Ice Art can’t twist the arm of the venue to reverse their policy on pets attending, we can help bypass the rules by sculpting amazing ice replicas of them in ice.

In fact, when it comes to carving animals we’ve pretty much covered everything.

From flamboyant flamingos to mystical unicorns and elephants on parade, we’ve created some wonderful ice sculptures over the years.

Take a look at the images below and see what you like.

If you have your own idea and can’t see an example on this page, download our ‘Look-see’ book where there are dozens more to see..

Sphynx Cat

Pair of Lions





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Absolutely a pleasure to work with – awesome service and product!!         Cheryl Check

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