Giovanni started his career as a trainee chef at the Giovanni XXIII chef school in Caorle, near Venice in 2006.

He studied there for 4 years and during that time was introduced to fruit and vegetable carving by Italian chef Orlando Scaggiante known around the world as the chef-artist who creates works of art with watermelons, cantaloupe melons, pumpkins and other vegetables.

In 2008 he took part in the international culinary art exhibition IKA 2008 in Erfurt, Germany and 2010 he entered into the Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup competition. He won bronze medals for both. He spent another couple of years working in Michelin star restaurants in Italy and England before turning his talents towards ice carving.

Giovanni joined the PSD Ice Art team in 2012 as a trainee sculptor and under the watchful eye of Percy, our head sculptor has not only developed into a talented young ice artist but has become an invaluable part of our team. We’re proud to have him!

So Giovanni over to you….

If you could be an ice sculpture what would you be and if you could sculpt any ice sculpture what would you do?

I would definitely be an eagle if i were an Ice sculpture. My favourite ice sculpture So far is the spirit of ecstasy – it’s just beautiful. It’s a sculpture of the bonnet ornament on Rolls Royce cars.

Did you always know you wanted to be an ice sculptor and what did you do before you were ice sculpting?

My passion for sculpting actually started when i was working in the kitchen, as I went to a catering school and worked in the industry for 5 years. I started to excel at fruit and vegetable carving and also sugar and chocolate moulding. I always wanted to try sculpting with ice so it was a natural progression from there.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Dersca a small town in the north of Romania, right in the countryside. I had the best childhood ever. I then moved to Rome in Italy when I was 10 and then on to Venice from 14.

What’s the best thing about working at PSD Ice Art?

It’s being part of a family environment, the closeness that you get in a small family business that I love the most.

Who do you admire?

I admire all those people that are passionate out what they do – and never stop learning.

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