Origins of Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpting is an ancient art.

It dates back thousands and thousands of years, originating in both ice and snow sculpting and is carried out for pleasure but also for practical purposes. Think igloos and snow shelters….and yes even ice lanterns (we really want to try making one of these one day).

So keeping this flame alight and protecting a unique, technical and ephemeral art is something we are VERY passionate about. There are very few ice sculptors in the world and we are a close-knit and supportive community. 

Becoming an ice sculptor takes years of practice and training but essentially you have to be naturally talented at doing it. If this interests you and you think you have the skills and drive to join our team then do get in touch.

But first, we’d like to share our story with you.

Putting the 'PSD' In To 'Ice art'

Not many people realise that the ‘PSD‘ in PSD Ice Art actually stands for the initials of our lead ice sculptor and co-founder Percy Salazar-Diaz.  Percy has always been an artist and sculptor. He was born in Peru and moved to London, where he started his journey to becoming a world renowned ice sculptor.  

The other very important part of PSD Ice Art is Nicky Salazar.  Nicky leads and develops our  ice sculpting business; implementing new ideas, increasing sales and developing plans for growth. Nicky has unswerving focus and energy, and its ensures PSD Ice Art remains a leader in the ice industry.

Together, Nicky and Percy form a dynamic leadership team, with a solid reputation for creativity, quality, luxury and reliability – important values that everyone at PSD Ice Art embrace and deliver.

Find out more about Nicky and Percy and the entire PSD Ice Art team here >

Experts In Ice

It’s incredibly important to us to be the best at what we do. We work hard to ensure that our customers feel safe in the knowledge that when they work with us, they have the ‘Experts in Ice’ at their fingertips.

Take a look through our recent projects or latest news for examples of the incredible range and diversity of work we produce for our clients.

andrew and percy icelandic glacial
Motion Mapping 1

Innovation Is Everything

Businesses that don’t innovate end up stagnating. So to ensure that we continue to grow and push the boundaries of what can be achieved with ice, we have a dedicated programme of innovation.

Sometimes it’s something we devise ourselves from an idea that’s sparked in our heads. But sometimes a brand new project will land in our ice studio from an external source and we’re blown away with the opportunities it presents.

So if you have a project in mind, or even just the seed of an idea which might sound crazy (but not to us we love a bit of craziness!) then please Get In Touch.




It’s official! PSD Ice Art is ready for business. 


Working hard and building a reputation for ourselves in the ice industry for creativity, quality, expertise & luxury.


Hobbs Industrial Estate

The team move to Hobbs Industrial Estate in Surrey to gain more space and start the next chapter of our story.


Igloo at the top of The Shard

It’s Valentines Day and we’re building the World’s Highest Ice Bar – with an Igloo at the top of The Shard in London.


Percy with the Red Dragon

Percy and the Red Dragon for CVP. You can find out more about this amazing project here.


Percy and Andrew – Printing On Ice is cold off the press.

PSD Ice Art Team

Event Awards Finalists!


Holly & Phillip on set

Celebrity likenesses on ITV – Holly & Philip are immortalised in ice.

PSD Ice Art Kingsman 2 Movie Ice Bar

Kingsman Movie Premier at Hard Rock Cafe

Moet ice bucket made of ice

Glasses full of bubbles were fizzing and corks were popping and flying everywhere we were having a #MOETMOMENT


Nicky and Gillian

We’re expanding! New freezers arrive as we start work on ICEBAR London.

Isabell Kristensen LFW runway 2

One the runway at London Fashion Week  for Isabell Kristensen

#LondonLand The new ICEBAR London theme is installed in May of this year.

Motion Mapping 1

Projecting On Ice is realised at the FMBE (Field Marketing and Brand Experience) Awards .



Valhalla Calling It’s the second year of designing, creating, installing and maintaining ICEBAR London.

…our story continues so please come back for updates!

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