Was it worth the wait? You bet it was!

It all started nearly 10 months ago now.

One late night (or rather early morning) a message pinged into my Instagram inbox by someone who had come across us on the platform and decided she’d quite like to be involved in a project of hers if we were interested.

The message was from a luxury Asian and Fusion wedding stylist called Dooshi from Tes Moments and she was planning a high-end shoot in October at Minley Manor, which isn’t too far from us

The photographer was Andy Mac, one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the UK & Europe. He’s covered many celebrity weddings including Peter Andre’s, Vogue Williams’ and Tom Daly to name but a few. So it was a great honour for us to be invited along.

Dooshi explained the brief and left it to us to come up with some fresh ideas for her. There were to be 2 sides to the wedding; the English side which was to be all white and gold with emerald green foliage and then the more elaborate Asian side which was all in cassis, emerald green again & gold.

For the English setting, we came up with the idea of a selfie-like frame with green foliage frozen in.

We had done selfie frames before but never in a wedding setting so thought this would appeal as something very different

For the Asian side, we settled on a sculpture of a bride and groom made from white rather than clear ice.

Fast forward to the morning of 26th October and we arrived at Minley Manor to see an array of suppliers already there doing their thing. There were about 30 of us altogether from all over, some of who had worked with Dooshi before and who couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

We were shown where our sculptures were to be placed and we immediately got to work setting them up. We were on quite a tight schedule for the whole day so there was no time to be wasted.

The Selfie frame was made up of 2 pieces and needed to go on a stand that was a metre high. The sculpture itself when assembled was also a metre high and also very heavy so we had to enlist the help of someone in the room to help piece it together.

Leon from Exciting Fireworks stepped up to the mark and our lovely frame went up without any trouble at all.

It was only later that Leon revealed how terrified he was that he might drop it and ruin the whole thing. He was much more relaxed when we took it back down by the way!

The day progressed smoothly with Andy taking hundreds of shots of everything in sight.

Towards the end, Leon and Percy had the idea of using his Indoor fireworks with Bride & Groom. It worked fantastically as you can see from the pictures.

As the day came to an end it was Dooshi’s job to get the article and images out to as many blogs as possible to see who would like to go with it. Eventually, Wedding Chicks, the stylish wedding blog agreed but it was to be a long wait before it would finally be released.

That date was 23rd June 2021 and the photographs that Andy took along with a video put together by No Ordinary Films UK were allowed to be put out into the public arena.

You can read the full blog here

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