How to deal with unexpected guests!

Will your wedding be missing someone very special?

I’m not talking about ordinary guests here.

With COVID restrictions still in place there’s bound to be someone missing as we all know you can still only have 30 people at the moment.

But did you know that you can invite your pets?

…just not quite in the way you would expect!

As a nation of animal lovers, it can be hard to leave them at home.


But what if we said that all pets are now not only welcome, but could be the star of the show?

Ever seen a life-size dog carved out of ice?

The truth is dogs aren’t usually welcome to a lot of events – regardless of how important the day is for the couple or the organisers.

While our team at PSD Ice Art can’t twist the arm of the venue to reverse their policy on pets attending, we can make pretty amazing ice replicas.

We’ve helped loads of people make their wedding day feel even more special by carving their dog in ice form.

The ice sculpture not only acts as a memorable centrepiece at your wedding, it also gives guests another excuse to take more photographs.

And it’s not just pets that we’re asked to create. We’ve once carved a sheep for a wedding couple who worked in the agricultural industry. Here’s what the client, Steve Rose had to say afterwards…

‘Having phoned PSD Ice Art with only a week’s notice, they were able to produce an excellent sculpture of a sheep for a farmer’s wedding, deliver it to the site and install without the bride or groom’s knowledge. It was a fantastic surprise, perfectly executed by PSD. It looked fantastic and even had the farmers recognising the breed’.

We’ve even made Disney Characters The Princess and the Frog for one couple

Despite the tight deadline, our team brought these characters to life by carving the beautiful princess and frog from two separate blocks of ice. They were then placed in position at the hotel on light stands.

The chief bridesmaid was over the moon and sent us this testimonial on behalf of the bride & Groom;

‘The ice sculpture was amazing, it truly was magical! I didn’t even notice your colleague, you or whoever set up the ice sculpture – so timings and discretion must have been perfect. We will be highly recommending your company in the future’.

Don’t let COVID limit your imagination – spice up your wedding by including some unexpected guests on the day!

We’ve even done people!

You can set your plan in motion by calling 01342 835 348 or email

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