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Last week we talked about sequel weddings and shared with you some ideas on how to make it feel just as special even though it has to be dramatically scaled down for the moment.

Black baccara Rose

This week is something a little different. Something from my life.

Still wedding- related though.

I got married 20 years ago this coming September. It wasn’t a large wedding for two reasons;

#1 I don’t come from a large family and

#2 although my husband does, the vast majority lives in peru so couldn’t make it.

We funded the wedding ourselves as we didn’t have a massive budget. And as I am sure many of you will know – weddings aren’t cheap!

So first off we booked all the immediate essentials – the ceremony, the venue and of course, the most important (and as it turned out the most expensive) thing – The Dress

With the date set our attention turned to the finer details such as…
Wedding invitations, flowers, food, cake etc. – you know the score.

Now I’m sure as you will all know the costs for all this stuff soon mounts up.
So of course being in the creative business it wasn’t a difficult decision for us to try to do as much of it ourselves with the help of family and friends.

In fact when we looked around us we realised that within our social network we could pretty much cover everything.

Wedding invitations – well that was me with a little help from a work colleague (this was 20 years ago. Designing & printing your own stuff wasn’t as easy as it is now!).

Wedding cake – Mum

Table decorations – the Groom. We used flowerpot bases sprayed in gold paint, a bit of fancy wiring and pillar candles (think we’ve still got some of them lurking in a cupboard somewhere!)

Corsages and my bouquet – flowers ordered from a local florist and assembled the night before. The main bouquet was made up of a beautiful vary dark red rose called the Black Baccara. They look like velvet so all I needed to do was wrap half a dozen in white silk with mother of pearl buttons sewn on

Wedding Photographer – My friend Jackie, a keen amateur photographer. I am not particularly photogenic so all I wanted was some natural shots taken throughout the day. She did a fantastic job and got some wonderful candid shots which she presented to us later in a beautiful album as our wedding present.

Chauffeur– My Dad
Ice sculptures and food carving displays – well that’s a given :0)

You know what the best thing was?

The night before the wedding everything was all in place. All we had to do on the day was get ourselves ready

There were no suppliers knocking on the door making deliveries.
No last minute upsets

It was all there – ready
…and waiting

Everything went smoothly. I was very relaxed throughout the whole and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Would you consider a do-it-yourself wedding?

Or would you prefer some help?

Of course if you don’t happen to know anyone that can do your ice sculptures you can always talk to me :0)

Call me on 01342 835 348 or email enquiries@psdiceart.co.uk

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