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There’s no doubt about it if you were hoping to get married this year it’s not going to be easy.

We’ve gone from not being able to get married at all to – yes you can as long as you keep it minimal to – ALMOST being able to have a small wedding with up to 30 guests from 1st August onwards.

But that last phase was delayed for a further two weeks literally the night before they were due to be allowed…and even then it’s not guaranteed as it will only be up for review.

It’s no wonder couples are postponing completely. It’s just too risky to attempt to arrange a wedding right now.

There are, however, some couples who are going to get married this year come what may.

And you will be pleased to hear that there are ways around these restrictions that will help you have the wedding celebration that you want.

Ever heard of a Sequel Wedding?

Sequel weddings aren’t an entirely new concept but they have gained in popularity during the pandemic.

It basically refers to a couple hosting multiple ceremonies.

Typically, the first ceremony is intimate with just close family and friends, while you invite a much larger guest list to the second ceremony and follow it with a large, grand reception

The first ceremony is known as a minimony which is a small version of your postponed wedding, most often held on your original wedding date.

This is your legal ceremony (or a commitment ceremony with a celebrant) and will be done in front of a few loved ones..

You do everything planned on your original date, such as have your first dance, hire your photographer for a few hours, make your vows and cut a small version of your wedding cake.

The bigger guest list will then get an invite to a follow-up wedding when large groups are able to meet again. There you’ll have another ceremony where you walk down the aisle and exchange vows (just not legal ones this time) and your reception.

Of course you will want both ceremonies to be special. Last week we gave you some ideas for a small wedding which I hope you found useful.

It’s never too early to start planning for the bigger event though. After all with all that’s currently going on we all need something to look forward to! Pick up the phone and dial 01342 835 348 or email me on enquiries@psdcieart.co.uk and together we can explore your options.

Stay safe, stay cool,


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