Getting married this year? Here’s how we can help

Getting married this year? Here’s how we can help

There’s no doubt about it with summer being traditionally the most popular time of year to get married there will be lots of couples now facing disappointment.

And with the pandemic very much still in evidence they will either have to cancel, postpone or downsize.

Some of you will have already made the decision to postpone and re-set your wedding day to be next year or even the year after as venues fill up quickly.

While others have decided to downsize and go ahead anyway – when they are able to.

The good news is that from 1st August wedding ceremonies of up to 30 people are allowed to take place in England again and guests will also be allowed to attend a reception afterwards.

What’s more smaller weddings (i.e. fewer than 100 guests) have been getting more and more popular in recent years anyway and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

This is partly because of social distancing, which looks like it’ll be needed for some time to come, but also because relationships with close family and friends have never been more important. Gone are the days of feeling obligated to invite everyone they know or work with; couples will want to relax and spend quality time with a more intimate group.

Budget changes as a result of coronavirus have also had an impact on this too as jobs are at risk and many people have already been made redundant forcing couples to re-visit their wedding budget.

But all is not lost with smaller weddings now very much in vogue there are still lots of things you can do to make that day still feel extra special.

If you choose to have your reception at home in your garden you can now have pretty much anything delivered – from flowers, food and drink (including cocktail kits) to hiring in chefs to cook for you and then take it all away a the end. You can even have ice delivered and not just cubes either.

If you want to add a little extra sparkle to your intimate wedding then why not go for personalised ice cubes and have your initials engraved into them to go into your signature drink for the day.

We have other ideas too – if you want to know more give us a call on 01342 835 348 or drop us a line to

We love a good wedding and don’t see why COVID should be allowed to spoil it!

Stay safe, stay cool and what’s more ENJOY your day.

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