How Did You Get Into That!

Percy in action!

Oh wow! ‘How did you get into that?

It’s a question I am always asked when I meet someone for the first time.

My usual response is ‘I don’t actually do it myself!

I just run the company’

It’s my husband who does the ice carvings.

Originally from the Amazonas in Peru, he came to London for work via Russia and Sweden (not the most direct of routes!).

He got himself a job working as a chef at the Savoy Hotel in London.

A few months in he was asked to work the night shift.

His response…

Only if I get to do the ice sculptures.

It was a good move…

..except for one thing

He’d never carved ice in his life!

As an artist he had already done a lot of creative stuff including food carvings so he figured he could work it out for himself.

Thankfully time was on his side.

The night shift as you’d expect was a lot quieter than the day shift.

And that was how he learned his craft.

And he learned it well.

So well he was taken on as chief ice sculptor at a well-known ice company before moving on to setting up on our own.

In fact he was snapped up.

Let’s face it being an ice sculptor is a pretty rare thing.

There aren’t that many of them about to start with.

So there you have it

The story behind a completely self-taught Peruvian Ice Sculptor living in the UK.

Got a project coming up that you need help with?

Then Percy is your man.

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