On Friday 20th March it finally happened.

The British Prime Minister announced that the country was to go into a full lockdown forcing many bars & restaurants to close their doors for the foreseeable future.

For the first week or two for us business owners it was all very quiet

…at least on the surface.

But behind the scenes there was quite a lot going on.

The main theme being the ‘takeaway’.

Now I am not a fan of them generally but I do like to eat out. So the fact that my favourite local restaurants took to delivering food was a great relief!

That meant there was at least one day a week where I didn’t have to cook (I don’t do fast food by the way).

But it wasn’t just food that went ‘takeaway’

Bakeries started selling iced coffees.

Pubs applied for off-sales licences so they could sell takeaway pints.

Mobile cocktail companies started sending out pre-packed cocktail kits for people to mix themselves at home.

Even we joined in and created the Home Ice Carving Kits!

All great ways to keep things going until we were able to re-open properly.

That day came on 4th July when restrictions were relaxed even further.

Now came the next challenge.

How to fill as many seats as possible without infringing the rules of social distancing?

So thinking caps were re-donned (is that a word?) and new, fresh, innovative ideas were created.

This time the theme was outside spaces.

Of course there are the obvious ones like pub gardens and terraces.

But not everyone has that luxury.

That didn’t put anyone off though!

On my ice deliveries to various eateries these past few weeks I have been impressed by some of the ideas that have been put into action.

Places like alleyways, loading bays and even vineyards have been converted to outside eating and drinking areas.

In Orpington a brand new restaurant (yes their opening day was 4th July) placed a few tables down an alleyway as well as out front so that they could squeeze a few extra tables in.

A popular restaurant in my little market town applied to the council to take over a loading bay directly outside their restaurant & bar so that they too could add a few extra tables

The Winery on Squerryes Wine Estate near Westerham has expanded into the neighbouring vineyard and created a picnic area for parties of up to 10 people from one social bubble.

You book your slot, choose your picnic box and pick up on the way in.

We know all this because we have been delivering ice to all of these venues and hope to continue to do so.

We know that there are still pubs and restaurants yet to open and no doubt you will need some ice. When you are ready give us a call on 01342 83 53 48 or email

We are fully stocked and ready to go!

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