Have you got a big birthday or special celebration coming up soon?

Are you worried that it’s not going to match up with previous parties and your guests might be disappointed?

When what you really want is to make this the best party ever and for your guests to remember it for years to come,

There’s no doubt about it… having a birthday while there are still so many restrictions in place including  how many people we can entertain at a time doesn’t sound like it will be that much fun does it?

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

There are ways to make it the best party you’ve ever thrown.

There are ways to make it a little more exciting.

Help is on the way!

Here are 3 suggestions to think about which will definitely help create that special party feeling and add a bit of excitement to the day.

After all life doesn’t have to stop completely because we are still partly in lockdown!

Birthdays still happen even if weddings and other larger celebrations have had to be postponed for now

You could even have a mini prom in your garden!

It is still summer and so far we have been very lucky with the weather. Not too much rain so a garden party/BBQ is the perfect solution

..with a few extras

Here’s some ideas to make your party go with a bang …

#1 you could create your own special cocktail and add some posh ice to it

#2 or display an Ice sculpture as a centre piece.

#3 Maybe you’d like to create your own ice sculpture. It’s a great, new & interesting activity that everyone can get involved with

Ice balls or Ice diamonds area lovely addition to a cocktail of even just a G & T. They not only look good but they last a lot longer than a traditional ice cubes so won’t dilute your drink

An ice sculpture doesn’t have to be a huge piece. We do smaller versions which are perfect for the compact party. Some ideas are numbers, a stiletto shoe (the ladies love this one!) a Martini glass (to compliment the cocktails & posh ice) or even just a heart for that special person in your life. They are stunning to look at and are always a talking point at any ‘do’.

Or you could go that one step further and get you guests involved in actually making one. Now that’s something completely new!

If you’re ready to make YOUR celebration the talk of Lockdown call 01342 835348 or email  now to talk it through

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