I think most people would agree that the re-opening up of the pubs and restaurants last weekend pretty much signified the end of lockdown.

in the week prior to that there was certainly a lot more movement.

And I don’t just mean on the roads either.

….although it was a long time since I had seen traffic at a standstill on our main road through East Grinstead. Thankfully I was going in the opposite direction that day!

What’s more everyone seemed to have a sense of purpose about them.

‘Everything has gone mental’ they were saying.

 Especially the bar and pub owners who only had 10 days to prepare the new safety measures and reinstate all their supplies in time for grand opening day, Saturday 4th July

The safety measures could be prepared in advance as everyone already knew that this would be the ‘new normal’ going forward.

The supplies though, they couldn’t be ordered until the green light was given.
Beers, wines, soft drinks…ice!

Now wasn’t the time to be sourcing new suppliers

There simply wasn’t time for that.

After three months of closure with no revenue it was a case of getting back up and running as quickly as was humanely possible.

So all suppliers were called, orders placed and then the bar owners had to sit back and wait for all the deliveries to arrive.

Hopefully on time

Some of the consignments didn’t turn up when they were expected. This was probably due to increased traffic on the roads with all the extra deliveries being made during lockdown. I imagine they did arrive eventually.

We do deliver ourselves but due to the area we cover there has to be a minimum order. Indeed we did quite a few in the run up to the grand reopening day.

But we also recognise that not everyone wants or needs large amounts of ice so to help with that we created a ‘Click & collect’ service.

No minimum order, supermarket prices guaranteed ice, pay on collection.
Couldn’t be easier!

Our industrial unit is based on an A road and signposted so dead easy to find and park

And if it’s a hot day bring a sleeping bag.

Why? It keeps the ice cold in the back of your car!

Got a BBQ this weekend?

Order your ice NOW.



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