Have you ever run out of ideas for fun activities to do with your kids during the holidays?

Especially during the school summer holidays?

Do you struggle to find something affordable that will keep everyone entertained including yourself, for an hour or two without having to travel for miles and stand in long queues?

Being parents ourselves we know how hard it can be to find a fun and absorbing activity to keep those little darlings out of trouble!

So we’ve come up with an idea.

The Home Ice Carving Kit.

It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s not just for the kids but the whole family.

What’s more it’s absorbing, relaxing, therapeutic, satisfying and best of all it will bring out your inner creativity in a way that you never would have expected.

Have I said enough yet?

  • It’s fun because it is so different to anything else you will have tried before.
  • It’s entertaining because it doesn’t have to be a solo activity, everybody can have a go.
  • It’s absorbing because you will get so caught up in what you are doing you will forget
    about everything else.
  • It’s relaxing because you will be gently chipping away at the ice as you won’t want to be losing huge chunks of it by accident (you can’t stick it back on if that happens!)
  • It’s therapeutic because working with ice has a naturally calming quality about it.
    Probably because it looks so stunning.
  • It’s satisfying because by the time you have finished you will have created a beautiful
    ice sculpture right there in your own garden
  • Your inner creativity will literally take over and you will find yourself standing back to admire your handy work and will probably be feeling rather proud

You also have the option to gift it to a family member or friend. You tell us where you want to send it and we will deliver for you.

Why not make it a surprise for someone! 

Fancy having a go?

Go and have a look at this video and see for yourself how much fun it is.

Then get your hands on it NOW…just click here to message us on Facebook, call 01342 835348 or email

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