This week our latest news comes straight from PSD Ice Art co-founder Nicky Salazar...

So last week we told you all about our new Home Ice Carving Kits that we have created so that you can have a go at ice carving yourself at home.

The next question is – How does it all work?

Well first off we will send you the kit. It will arrive in a box and contains the following items;

• A block of ice, A4 size which weighs 6 kg.
• A chisel.
• Three paper templates, 2 to be stuck onto either side of the ice. And the 3rd one for reference.
• An instruction sheet with step by step instructions.
• A feedback card
• ‘Recommend a friend’ cards

There will be a You Tube video available with voiceover showing and explaining how it’s done.

And that’s it!

Everything you need to start creating.

It will all be packed into a box (apart from the video) and delivered to your door.

Easy to store and handle – the ice block is small enough to go into a large chest freezer or even the drawer of an American style fridge.

Even better, it doesn’t even have to be delivered on the day that you need it. It can be delivered up to 3 weeks in advance at a prearranged time so no hanging about all day waiting for it to arrive.

If you are using it the same day just unpack the block and leave it for about 5-10 minutes before starting to carve. The ice needs to warm up a little before you take a chisel to it as it can crack if it’s too cold.

If you are using on a future date then all you need to do is unpack the ice block and pop it into the freezer.

Other stuff to think about;

  • A table or surface that you can work at comfortably.
  • Something to stop the ice slipping around – a piece of material or a towel.
  • An umbrella or shady area if in the garden – direct sunlight and/or windy conditions can cause the ice to melt more quickly.

Fancy having a go?

Drop me a line on

Stay cool and stay safe…

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