Big Apple Ice Sculpture Luge

What better way to showcase your services and expertise than this delicious looking ‘Big Apple’ ice sculpture with a New York/Broadway theme?

Encore Tickets commissioned us to create an ice sculpture that reflected their portfolio – and Broadway shows led the way.

This is a two block ice sculpture – the apple is 3-dimensional and it has a separate section with a ‘snow-filled’ outline of the iconic New York skyline.

Plus, for extra fun we added a luge channel to the side – instead of having one running through the ice sculpture it sits perfectly without detracting from the overall design.

The lighting is very clever as you can set it to almost any colour…and here it is as a big red juicy apple!


Can you guess the venue? 

Yep it’s the wonderfully exuberant ‘Cafe de Paris’ in London. 


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