P-P-P-'Pick Up' A Penguin

No, we don’t mean a rather delicious chocolate bar – we mean ‘pick-up’ with an ice pick.

What better way to while away an hour or so by carving your very own flightless feathery friend?

Penguins are lovely aren’t they? They conjure up a sense of warmth (weirdly as they are usually seen in cold places) and they always look like they enjoy having fun.  

So it made us very happy when we were asked to teach a class of very willing participants how to sculpt a perfect penguin out of ice. It’s a lot harder than it looks…but so enjoyable when your creation comes to life.

The venue this time was ICE BAR London, which is very close to our hearts as we designed, installed and now maintain all the ice sculptures there.  We can pretty much teach ice carving anywhere our clients choose, indoor or outdoor. ICE BAR London makes for the perfect place for an ice carving workshop as you can then include a visit to the new Viking/Norse theme ‘Valhalla Calling’ and ‘Drink With The Gods’ while you’re there.

Ice carving workshops provide a great way to inject fun and provide a brilliant source of  entertainment for teams or guests at parties and events. The ultimate ice breaker so to speak. They are ideal for an office party or corporate ‘do’ or even a unique breakout session at a conference.

The PSD Ice Art team made 20 ice sculptures in the rough form of a penguin to give the teams of two or three a head start on their carving. Then our ice sculptor Giovanni led the way with a masterclass in ice sculpting – providing expert tips and guidance for each team in turn.

…and here are the winners!

‘Best Penguin Ice Sculpture 2019’

Well done! 

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