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As All Hallows’ Eve approaches you had better keep your wits carefully about you! 

Our wicked ice sculptors have been chilled to the bone, working though the night like zombies to create their most haunting and terrifying ice sculptures yet…

Gargoyle Ice Sculpture PSD Ice Art

If you’re searching for (or being haunted by) ghosts, ghouls, vampires or wizards we’ve got THE most shockingly spoooooky sculptures.

For all of you scaredy-cats out there our range of Halloween inspired ice sculptures will definitely unsettle you….like our Gargoyle Ice Sculpture with double vodka luge and matching ice bottle holders that we made for the actor Luke Evans’ 40th Birthday Party. 

Feeling brave? Dig deep and shock us with your own hair-raising ideas for a revolting Halloween ice sculpture.

An ice luge (basically a channel) can be added to your sculpture to enable you to drink blood-red cocktails like vampires (who wouldn’t?). Plus there’s a new Pumpkin Party Punch Bowl for you and your guests to imbibe ghoulish concoctions in true Halloween style. Chuck in a couple of apples, whisper ‘hocus-pocus’ and you’ve got your very own grown up version of Apple-Bobbing.

We’ve conjured up a devilish selection of ideas for the ultimate Halloween Ice sculptures for your party to scare and delight you…so have a wicked time!

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