The word ‘Alchemist’ has always fascinated us.

It has a mystical, magical sound to it, conjuring up images of the shady and misty dark middle ages. 

Alchemy makes us think of swirling potions, secret experiments and early (downright dangerous) chemistry – an important period of unfettered discovery, without much in the way of rules and barriers.

The Alchemist Birmingham PSD Ice art
The Alchemist Brindleyplace Birmingham PSD Ice art

These days, the concept of invention and finding new ways to do (or look at) things is ever more pressing, but it’s tough when the framework around us is so much more restrictive. 

There’s an unquenchable thirst for the shiny and new. Everything must be uniquely creative. But ultimately anything really original soon gets copied and shared, inevitably instagrammed to death. Overexposed and passé.

However, as with the concept of alchemy, when you look at the meaning and history of the word, it’s essentially the power (and drive) to transform things for the better. To add a little theatre to everyday life and create something ‘a little different’.

That idea appears to be the whole ethos and driving force behind the brand at The Alchemist and it seems to working judging by their successes.

We have been watching in awe, as venue after venue has opened across the UK – eighteen bars and restaurants since 2010 at the time of writing this. The latest opening is at a second location in Birmingham called Brindleyplace.

tHE aCHEMIST Birmingham PSD Ice Art

So, the PSD Ice Art team brought a little of our own uniqueness, magic and yes…alchemy! to the latest launch, with a live ice carving session led by our lead ice sculptor and co-founder Percy Salazar-Diaz.

Percy demonstrated how to carve giant ice balls (Japanese ice balls), ice rocks and perfect ice hearts to a rapt audience.


Are you looking for a source of your own special alchemy to shake things up? Need a little ‘ice’ theatre in your life as enjoyed by guests at The Alchemist?

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