The Formula 1 Rolex Grand Prix at Silverstone is without a doubt a huge highlight of our year.

Quintessentially British with a legendary racing heritage, the track has a tangible energy and electric atmosphere, unlike any sporting event we go to. You can literally feel the joy (and those rumbling car vibrations) as you walk around. But who claimed a cheeky pole position before the race had even started?

percy at silverstone paddock club f1

Well, it was actually Percy who popped on the podium and claimed a quick photo opportunity with the trophy – we would totally have done the same!

It was great to be in pole position. And a huge well done to Lewis Hamilton for winning the race and making the day even more perfect.

A Winning Formula

This was our second year delivering ice sculptures to the Paddock Club at Silverstone and we were so glad to return.

This year we sculpted a 1.5m ice bar with a dazzling F1 logo in the centre.

Sitting on top of the ice bar alongside two ice bottle holders were five very generous caviar trays.  So it seems everything we thought we knew about the glamour of Formula 1 is 100% completely true.  

paddock club 2019 f1 ice bar with caviar

#TB TO 2018

Fond memories of Silverstone British GP 2018 on our first delivery to the Paddock Club with an ice sculpture and shard bottle holder…here is Percy with David Coulthard.

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